I have dreamed about Louisiana since Hurricane Katrina tore up the city and the local guides started making fly fishing videos about the area. Just about the time I was able to pull this trip off the big oil spill happened so that pushed me back again. This summer I pulled the trigger and choose four fishing days with the hope of getting a single shot at one of the 30 #ers everyone knows about. I got a little scared in August when Hurricane Isaac decided to come and flood the area; just like in the past the area rebounded and the fishing is completely off the charts.

First cold front of the year

Water's cooling off and the fish are starting to eat. Got an early cold front and the fish were to play. Large and smallmouth bass, no wiper or whites this trip

Summer Fishing

Bass fishing has been good this summer, nothing big just good fishing and good takes.

Topping off the perfect day

Video shot with my GoPro


Took a quick trip to Wyandotte County. Fish are getting ready to spawning, moving up and things are starting to happen. Lots of small mouth mixed in with the large mouth, nothing big just a lot of fun.
Got a new Gopro camera. This thing is the coolest little gadget I've got in a while. Video is incredible and shoots good pictures as well. I have several mounts on my boat to capture video. I will post once I get time to edit.
My video is looking great and I can't wait for top water action

One Happy Dad

Had a chance to take my youngest daughter out for a fishing/boat driving afternoon. After all the warm above temperatures we've had this year we pick a 22mph cold cloudy Sunday. Ava is 8 years old and can handle a fly really good for a little girl but 22mph fishing the main lake was a little more than she wanted. We picked up the spinning rods and knocked them out!!!

Ava's a great boat driver, I just set back as she drives around. We took several boat rides, caught a bunch of fish and had lots of snacks. Great day!!!! My best trip this year.
My favorite quote of the day "dad when will these fish eat hoppers" That made my day

Wiper Fishing

Since my trip fishing the white in late February I've been searching for wiper/small mouth & large mouth at least weekly sometimes twice a week. Mostly Clinton in Lawrence, Kansas and some at Wyandotte County Lake in KC,Ks, both lakes are fishing very well with large numbers of fish. Ive had 50 wipers in an evening at Clinton so far this year on a couple different trips. Wyandotte is not producing wipers like Clinton but putting up good numbers of bass. I've yet to find the larger wiper this year, numbers are higher than normal but size has maxed out at 13-15". I think once the crappie span is in full swing the larger fish will show up chasing the fry and eating eggs or terrorizing the nest. Not much for pictures until the fish get a little bigger.
Friend of mine from St. Louis posted a picture of the wiper he's been catching at Truman. Check this little guy out!!!! This is the size I dream about and hope Clinton's fish turn into