Wiper Fishing

Since my trip fishing the white in late February I've been searching for wiper/small mouth & large mouth at least weekly sometimes twice a week. Mostly Clinton in Lawrence, Kansas and some at Wyandotte County Lake in KC,Ks, both lakes are fishing very well with large numbers of fish. Ive had 50 wipers in an evening at Clinton so far this year on a couple different trips. Wyandotte is not producing wipers like Clinton but putting up good numbers of bass. I've yet to find the larger wiper this year, numbers are higher than normal but size has maxed out at 13-15". I think once the crappie span is in full swing the larger fish will show up chasing the fry and eating eggs or terrorizing the nest. Not much for pictures until the fish get a little bigger.
Friend of mine from St. Louis posted a picture of the wiper he's been catching at Truman. Check this little guy out!!!! This is the size I dream about and hope Clinton's fish turn into